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Intellectual Property Infringement


Our Dallas Infringement Attorneys appreciate the intangible value of your intellectual properties and will strive to protect and preserve that value.  With a wealth of experience in defending and prosecuting the infringement of intellectual works, our Dallas lawyers have the knowledge and skill to strategically navigate the complexities of your infringement lawsuit.  Whether you are facing unfair allegations of infringement or simply trying to prevent someone from stealing your creative works, the lawyers of Wilson Legal Group can help you to prevail.

Patent Infringement

Among the most complicated of infringement cases, patent infringement cases require the attention of attorneys that have both a clear and sharp understanding of patent law and close familiarity with the sciences so as to properly understand the patent at stake and how best to litigate the case regarding its infringement.  With backgrounds and degrees in various scientific fields, including computer programming, chemistry, and physical engineering, our infringement lawyers are able to clearly intuit the distinct and scientific features of a patented work, enabling them to know how best to defend against or prosecute claims of infringement against the patent.  Combined with their years of experience in complex litigations, the attorneys of Wilson Legal Group are uniquely positioned to help you succeed in your patent infringement case.

Trademark Infringement

Involving one of the more valuable forms of intellectual property, trademark infringement cases can be among the most contentious and require a skilled attorney to manage them properly to success.  Because trademarks are acquired through use but can be rendered invalid by others using the same trademark, trademark infringement suits demand careful attention to detail, intelligent organization of the facts and evidence, and the irresistable force of persuasive and convincing arguments.  The talented attorneys of Wilson Legal Group, having years of experience in trademark prosecution and litigation and extensive training in the careful, rigorous thought such matters require, stand ready and able to give you the legal representation and protection your business interests deserve.

Copyright Infringement

Touching upon the artistic and creative works of the authors and creators, copyright infringement cases can be particularly complicated, requiring due care and respect for the creative works of others while not permitting abuse of the copyright laws and protection.  Copyrights have some of the most stringent protections available in the field of intellectual property, and cases involving infringement must be handled accordingly, whether by requiring quick, decisive action to protect the copyright or by demanding a strong, unyielding defense against false allegations.  In either case, our attorneys will bring their prodigious skills, knowledge, and passion to give you the aggressive representation necessary to protect you and your creative works.

Trade Secret Ingringement

A particularly complicated area of intellectual property law, because trade secrets are only as good as the confidentiality preventing their disclosure, trade secret infringement cases can have an added layer of difficulty and complexity and call for creative legal representation from attorneys who can think outside the box.  With over twenty years of combined experience, our infringement attorneys are well prepared to give you creative solutions for the complications faced in your trade secret infringement case.  We understand the value of your trade secrets and the amount of effort often required to develop them; our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that your trade secrets remain yours and that you are able to continue utilizing all of your business resources to your full advantage.

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